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SANDRA R. BROWN First Assistant United States Attorney and the Former Acting United States Attorney for the Central District of California’s United States Attorney’s Office has Joined Our Firm as a Principal

HOCHMAN SALKIN RETTIG TOSCHER & PEREZ. PC announced that SANDRA BROWN, former Acting United States Attorney of the Central District of California, will join the Firm as a Principal on March 5, 2018, where she will handle all phases of civil and criminal tax controversies, including trials and appeals.

CHARLES RETTIG, Managing Principal of the Firm stated that “Sandra has long been among the most respected and well-liked lawyers within the Government and will no doubt assume a similar position within the private practitioner community.  She is an exceptional lawyer with an electrifying personality – we are extremely excited and most fortunate that Sandra chose to join us.”

SANDRA BROWN stated, “I am truly honored and excited to join the team of exceptional tax lawyers at HOCHMAN SALKIN RETTIG TOSCHER & PEREZ, PC a firm that is universally respected for its stellar reputation in effectively and deftly representing clients in all phases of tax disputes, including sensitive investigations and complex litigation.”

STEVEN TOSCHER of the Firm stated that “We are all honored that we can welcome this extraordinary lawyer into our practice. Sandra joins a team of incredible lawyers dedicated to assisting clients in resolving complex tax and other white-collar legal problems.

I have had the opportunity to personally observe Sandra in real time over three decades — in civil tax litigation matters, grand jury investigations and criminal proceedings in the Federal District Court. I have seen her deal with Judges, witnesses, federal agents, defendants and defense counsel — all with a fair, firm, articulate and compassionate approach- leaving all with the thought that ‘I want her as my lawyer.’  We now have her as our lawyer —for our clients.”

Founding Principal AVRAM SALKIN stated that “Sandra’s skills and talents will continue the tradition started by founder BRUCE HOCHMAN of guiding clients through the storm of sensitive tax problems.  Our firm has been able to achieve great results for our clients for over 50 years by working with strong, dedicated, experienced, and extraordinary lawyers.  We are excited that Sandra will continue this tradition.”

DENNIS PEREZ stated that “It is not your typical lawyer who rises from Assistant United States Attorney— to Chief of the Tax Division —-to Acting United States Attorney for the Central District of California. Sandra has had a remarkable career of Government service.  There are many reasons why she has risen to these positions of leadership and it is a credit to her talent and skills in dealing with difficult legal problems.”

In addition to leading the Central District of California’s United States Attorney’s Office, where she supervised approximately 270 attorneys in the largest Justice Department Office outside of Washington D.C., Ms. Brown also served as the Chief of the Tax Division for more than ten years where she supervised lawyers within the United States Attorney’s Office, the Department of Justice Tax Division and the Department of Treasury who were responsible for complex Federal civil and criminal tax matters, including related grand jury proceedings, trials and appeals.

In her more than 26 years as a federal trial lawyer, Ms. Brown personally handled over 2,000 cases on behalf of the United States. Those cases included nationally significant civil cases such as two Supreme Court decisions and a multitude of published 9th Circuit decisions, as well as a broad range of equally noteworthy criminal tax cases including the first of the recent FBAR prosecutions in California, one of the largest individual tax restitution judgments fully recovered in a criminal tax case prosecuted in this nation, and the unprecedented deferred prosecution agreement, resolving a criminal probe into an international bank’s worldwide U.S. cross-border business, requiring the bank to pay $270 million in restitution and fines and to provide details about employees and more than 1,500 U.S. customers.

In addition to other honors, commendations and awards, Ms. Brown has received the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Chief’s Award and the IRS’s Mitchell Rogovin National Outstanding Support of the Office of Chief Counsel Award, respectively, the most prestigious criminal and civil awards available for presentation by the IRS to Department of Justice employees.

Ms. Brown has written, lectured and taught federal prosecutors, agents and private practitioners throughout the country on topics involving trial strategies, taxation, bankruptcy and money laundering.  Based upon the breadth of her expertise and experience in litigation and management, Ms. Brown is a highly sought-after speaker before national and regional professional organizations.

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