California Sales & Use Tax Audits and Appeals

Our firm represents clients in connection with a wide array of California state and local taxation matters, including California income tax and residency issues (Franchise Tax Board), California sales or use tax (State Board of Equalization), and California employment and payroll tax (Employment Development Department) matters. Our lawyers continue to successfully defend clients before the California Franchise Tax Board, California State Board of Equalization, and California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and in the Superior Courts for the State of California.

The Sales and Use Tax Division of the California State Board of Equalization (BOE) audits businesses to determine whether they have reported and paid the correct amount of sales tax and use tax. Our tax controversy lawyers have extensive experience representing businesses in sales and use tax audits and in appeals to the BOE to contest the determination of the BOE auditor.

It is not uncommon for a BOE examination to expand into an examination by the California Franchise Tax Board for income taxes and the California Employment Development Department regarding employment related tax obligations. In the more egregious cases, the owner of a retail business can be the target of a BOE criminal investigation. Our involvement, especially early in the examination process, will make a favorable difference in the ultimate resolution of any such examination or investigation.

If you are facing any inquiry or examination from the California State Board of Equalization, we can help.