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Steven Toscher Quoted in Tax Notes Article on Receiving Non-Prosecution Letters From DOJ

DESPITE LESS CERTAINTY, SWISS BANK NON-TARGET LETTERS VALUABLE Published by Tax Analysts, Tax Notes Today Although some practitioners question the potential value of non-target letters available to institutions in categories 3 and 4 of the Justice Department’s Swiss bank program, others point out the value of non-target letters in the general criminal context and the request for the […] Read More…

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Steven Toscher Quoted in Tax Notes on Proposed Changes to FBAR rules

FBAR CHANGES TRY TO BALANCE COMPLIANCE BURDEN, ENFORCEMENT. Published by Tax Analysts(R) A new proposal from Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network regarding the filing of Form 114, “Report of Foreign Bank and Financial Accounts,” would substantially change what is required of some financial professionals who file the foreign bank account reports as part of their […] Read More…

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