White Collar Criminal Defense

Although the Firm is best known for being the best civil and criminal tax litigation firm in the United States, its attorneys also have significant experience with a variety of non-tax federal criminal matters. Its attorneys have litigated Bank Secrecy Act cases, such as structuring; money laundering; healthcare fraud; bank fraud; honest services fraud; securities fraud; foreign corrupt practices act; and bankruptcy fraud. Two of its lawyers have particularly deep experience in non-tax criminal matters.

Sandra Brown, in addition to having been the longtime Chief of the Central District of California’s Tax Division with hands-on trial experience as well as managerial oversight of all tax cases in the district, was First Assistant United States Attorney and Acting United States Attorney. In those roles, she had personal, supervisory involvement in federal criminal investigations and prosecutions of all manner of federal cases. Sandra was the final word on charging in high-profile criminal matters, and as a result became familiar with the nuts and bolts of the gamut of criminal cases charged in the Central District.

Evan Davis spent eight years in the Major Frauds Section of the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and over that time was Securities Fraud Coordinator, Bankruptcy Fraud Coordinator, and Financial Institution Fraud Coordinator in addition to investigating and prosecuting (through numerous trials) a wide range of tax and fraud cases. These included two of the largest health care fraud matters ever handled by the Central District U.S. Attorney’s Office as well as a massive civil FIRREA investigation (predicated on criminal bank fraud statutes) of Countrywide/Bank of America that resulted in a multibillion-dollar settlement. Since having joined the Firm, Evan has defended clients in public corruption, health care fraud, Foreign Agent Registration Act (“FARA”), Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), and Bank Secrecy Act cases in addition to numerous criminal tax cases.

If you are in need of White Collar Criminal Defense, we can help.

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