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PHILIPP BEHRENDT to Speak at Upcoming ABA 2023 Fall Tax Meeting

We are pleased to announce that Philipp Behrendt will be speaking on Ethical Considerations for Tax Attorneys in Changing Work Environments at the upcoming ABA Virtual 2023 Fall Tax Meeting on October 20, 2023 at 1:15 p.m. (PST).

The pandemic and a new workforce ecosystem have brought about significant changes to the traditional landscape of working as a tax attorney. Many seasoned attorneys, who were accustomed to the five-days office workweek, transitioned to remote work or have found themselves managing associates who prefer remote work arrangements. Many attorneys now adopting a hybrid schedule, balancing their time between working in the office and from the comfort of their home. Furthermore, some attorneys are opting for project-based work instead of as traditional full-time employment, and several global employers are experimenting with four-day work weeks. These shifts in the working environment are reshaping the way tax attorneys approach their careers and practice. This panel will explore ethical considerations that arise from this evolving landscape of working and operating in hybrid or remote work settings, non-traditional work schedules, and other challenges and developments that impacting tax attorneys in the current workforce.

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